The beginning

Starting into this project, which is a public art piece using found natural materials, a web site with an interesting range of artists is the women environmental artists directory see:, (even though I rarely find explicitly ‘women in’ groups especially interesting).

There I found Barbara Roux ( who describes herself as “ artist dealing with issues of ecology, I am a hybrid.  My installation projects are influenced by my conservation projects to protect habitats and record incidents in natural history.  My conservation efforts stem from my respect and fascination for the natural world.

While Barbara does not seem to have outdoor public art installations (such as the small one I am experimenting with) in her current portfolio, I like the relationship she describes between conservation, low /no impact works and her connection with natural history. This resonates with me.

Here is a sketch of my site for my site specific installation that will be along our fence, –


I have now sketched out the figures I plan to depict – using very simple stylized forms as a base – these are also international


A walker with a dog, a runner, a cyclist, another walker and a cross-country skier all placed on a coarse rope to ground the piece. Various questions arise on making the installation as per my sketchbook comments such as:

++ Do I need to space the figures out more?

++ Different materials and texture and color for each activity?



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