Day 1 of building my installation

Have collected some materials lying around in the woods, mostly bark of various types, and seeds (see above).

Cutting the bark requires care- using sharp tools (I filled out a risk assessment form) and wear gloves. It is physical work even on bark.

As a test I started making the dog and its owner. Then mounted them on the fence, realizing the need to make the ties at the back of the fence each time as reef knots not granny knots that pull out!

The process proved to be a topic of conversation with passers-by several of whom walk this street regularly. This surprised me but is part of this area being one where people come to relax, there is no bustle.

Gerda (elderly German lady) was keen that the dog have a tail (it will), and 3 graduate students from the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) who walked by said they thought the dog must have a lead/leash. (There are fierce requirements for this posted in the local woods – so the humor is not lost!).

The man who helps in our garden, works with a Haitian colleague and said he thought I was making voodoo. All of these conversations were fun and interesting, and I asked each of them to ‘watch this space’ as the site develops.

I learned: It’s all in the eye of the beholder, and details often really matter.


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