Day 2 of installation

” …consider an avant garde that in the years since minimalism has been deeply suspicious of beauty, craftmanship, formal directness, and the absence of irony, and we have the makings of a critical climate chilly to artists of Goldsworthy’s kind.”

(Beardsley, J. (2010) in Foreword to “The Andy Goldsworthy Project” Thames and Hudson.


After a lot of rain I was keen to see if the test pieces held up on the fence- and they did!

But the wire I am using to tie on these first pieces is too prominent and needs replacing.

Some tools for cutting bark

Here is my working area with tools and sketchbook. I need the sketchbook to be sure I am cutting the correct proportions and trimming to more or less correct angles for the joints. It’s inevitably all a bit rough and pieces drop off when you least expect or want them to.


The runner before installation looks rather like a cave painting

Worked today on pieces of bark for the Runner figure, and chose a different texture and form for this figure, no moss on the bark and fairly uniform color.

John my husband helped by holding the trunk of the Runner against the fence while I ran round the back of the fence to knot the fishing line I am now using to tie these pieces on. This line is thinner and less obtrusive than the line I started with.

Two cyclists who are both at the IAS stopped to talk, they regularly cycle the street and will keep an eye on developments.

I learned: Need to be flexible with materials – keep an eye out for texture and the feel of different surfaces.


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