Day 3 of installation

Worked on the runner and completed laying in of the arms. I tried to video myself placing these bark pieces, but the clip ended up being a great view of my rear (mostly) – I will need to edit it fiercely!

Then started on the cyclist figure, using a different bark type. For the bicycle wheels, mini-wreaths of ivy may work, I shall probably have to replace them if they dry out– but weather is so much cooler now I don’t think it will be a problem.

Life_goes_on_man StrollerLife goes on while I am working on the site

More passers by stopped to talk about the project and I had offers of bark and a suggestion that the local paper should know what I’m up to. Really not ready for that yet..

A long walk in the woods collecting materials- and found some good highly ridged Locust tree bark for a figure and other bark that is the beginnings of skis for the cross-country skier.

Still thinking about what to do for the heads of the figures. Bark is so brittle, I won’t be able to make any kind of head like sphere, but I need to experiment. However, I am progressing and learning that once I started in on this, problems could be solved as I went along.



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