Day 4 of installation

Not much time for the installation today – but I managed to fit the dog with a tail.

Met a couple who walk the street each day, who said they now look forward to seeing what I’ve done. They offered to help me document the work, and we agreed the heads of these figures should not be ‘too realistic’. I have made one head cutting bark into a circle – for the cyclist and that seems to work.

Cutting bark for the cyclist head
Cyclist with head on!

Ran into a neighbor who has a good saw, so may try some circular wood discs as prototype heads, with his help in cutting thin slices.

I decided to bravely place a sign against the fence saying this was work in progress and to e-mail me with any comments. We shall see if anyone responds.


2 thoughts on “Day 4 of installation

    • I received quite a few e-mails from people- some of which I have included within the blog posts here. I now have a small hand-bill that I put out when the weather permits, and it says this:

      “This eco relief mural portrays some of the multiple recreational uses made of Princeton’s open woodland areas and recreational paths. The installation, by artist Mary Waltham, is made entirely of found natural materials from the woods nearby. Bark and wood, with lichen and moss encrusting them give form and texture to five active figures. The recently completed installation is on a garden fence next to the sidewalk on the west side of Springdale Road, just before the Institute for Advanced Study housing. It will be on view until it starts to decay naturally and then will be removed.
      Comments or feedback:

      And that’s where recent written feedback has come from. The mini- hand bills all disappear quite fast I notice!


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