Day 5 of installation

I now have some materials for the heads- at last. I want to keep them simple and schematic so they do not detract from the texture and color of the rest of the figures. It would be so easy to embellish and get rather fussy, and I really don’t want that.

Runner with head


As I work on the pieces I am finding that each figure interacts with the entire group, and adds something new to the whole piece. I am finding that I’m spacing them out more than I originally thought and they are becoming a little larger. I have space for this and maybe the encouragement I have had from passers by has made me more confident?

Have had a couple of responses to my request for comments by e-mail. Here is one:-

I walked by your fence for the first time in a week and when I came up to the art on your fence, I had to pause and smile, it is so subtle and pleasant, just blends in….And then more was added since yesterday so I anticipate the next and next additions.  I will never look at the bark in our wood pile in the same way again, in fact, picked up two pieces of bark from our driveway, that you may consider for future additions! “

Layout for the second walker-I changed the head material during installation

Went down to the woods to search out and bring back more and different materials. There is plenty of dead wood and bark available. Hurricane Sandy hit this area in October 2012, and many, many trees came down. The wood is now rotting from those fallen trees but the bark remains and some has moss and lichen on it – some nothing; there is a great variety.


One thought on “Day 5 of installation

  1. Mary: I am so impressed with The Bark Family. I sort of can see you in my minds eye struggling on a chilly morning…alone fixing moss on a fence! How fortunate your neighbors are. And how creative YOU are. Betty


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