Day 6 of installation

Following my foray for more materials, I now have the final figure – the cross- country skier layout planned. This one is a bit more difficult with moss covered bark for the figure, and skis and ski poles that are more 3 dimensional than the bark pieces.

Layout for skier

I also decided to move the rope down a few inches. It acts as the surface for the figures and I believe holds the composition of the group together.

Repositioning rope (again)

Set about affixing the skier on a bright but cool morning, and it did take longer than the others to fix firmly onto the fence.

Skier in place

As I was working several people stopped to chat, including an Australian couple who said they had enjoyed seeing the figures develop over the past 10 days, and that the cyclist was their favorite. Always good to know.

I explain to everyone that the installation will only last as long as the materials and then will literally go away, and I think viewers find that intriguing “I must make sure my children see it..” as one woman runner remarked.

That art should be permanent or impermanent is not the issue. Transience in my work reflects what I find in nature and should not be confused with an attitude towards art generally. I have never been against the well-made or long-lasting.”

Goldsworthy.A (1990) Andy Goldsworthy: A collaboration with Nature.


4 thoughts on “Day 6 of installation

  1. Hi Mary– This looks fabulous. At first I thought the dog walker was my favorite but, I think now I like the skier best – really dynamic. This has been a great idea and really well executed. Did you get lots of comments at the ‘turkey trot’? This could become a real local feature if you continued to add figures as the old ones eroded and the seasons changed! Congrats on a job well done 🙂


    • Hi Kristan- thank you very much. Glad you like the skier. Lots of good public feedback from the Turkey Trot and the next blog posting will have some of that but most was captured on the movie files I need to edit for this. Again thank you for your encouragement- means a lot.


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