My installation does not fully ‘cover’ all of the fence area that runs along the road, and informally people have said to me ‘Why don’t you just keep going and fill it up?’ So far I have not had the time to continue the piece but now am planning to, but with a shift of imagery and slight change in materials. I think five figures is enough, and more of these may in fact be less.

I am planning to add some ivy or evergreen plant material to extend the line running along the bottom of the installation that really holds the piece together visually. I then will try to create the impression of a small piece of woodland that the figures could notionally be moving towards. Not using bark, but more twigs and branches, and with interesting color on them if I can find it.

Sketchbook page to show my plan for more

All well and good but I need to refurbish supplies and so today on one of the shortest daylight days of the year I have been down in the woods with my secateurs searching for more materials. Managed to smile at myself, as I rejected many small pieces of wood that are easily available since they were not interesting enough, insufficient texture or surface color. The foray was time-consuming because I was so particular but it was also fairly successful. Now I just needed a lot of ivy and sourced that from our garden!

More as planned and implemented- another 20 feet or so of materials

Could not resist adding one further small piece of observed life in the woods- a bird!Bird-n_tree


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