Growing more

The weather has been mild for the past few weeks until now, which is unusual here in December. In response to the warmer and wetter conditions several of the species growing on the bark and wood of my installation have either continued to grow or some new species have colonized and are doing well. You can see a ‘new’ colonizing brown shiny fungus (Auricularia sp.)in the photograph above.

Fungi growing vigorously on the skier’s arm

It’s as though the whole piece is thriving, living and settling in. Not at all what I expected. Only the ivy has wilted a little, until recently.

Moss and lichen looking as fresh as the day it was collected

2 thoughts on “Growing more

  1. I love the fact that it is growing!! That adds a whole new and unexpected element to the work. Reminds me of Jeff Koons’ big green dog. If I lived in your area I would hope this project became permanent. It is a really contribution to the natural beauty of the spot. Very well done!!


    • I like the growing part too – it’s a fresh part of the piece and requires no upkeep from me. Koons’ dog had to be watered to keep the plants growing as I recall (it was June in NYC). Thank you very much for your comments – really appreciate them. .


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