Priceless: How did we do it?

Our collaborative video exhibition of one collaborative video (see title screen above) and 6 individually created videos is now finished and is available to view at

Given our physical separation (we live on 3 continents and in 5 countries) and the fact that we have never met each other face to face how did we do it?

We focused on an agreed upon broad theme early on, geographical barriers were overcome through long hours, plenty of interaction online, and good Skype enabled meetings.We worked together effectively and steadily as a sturdy team, making sound progress each week including during ‘break’ weeks in our academic term schedule. We accommodated occasional absences, and delegated particular tasks to individuals so they could have the freedom and authority to proceed, yet the entire group had regular opportunities to comment and provide constructive criticism to written, and video work.

The outcome is a collaboration where the 6 individual video pieces are distinct and personal, with each artist responding uniquely to the theme of Priceless and the collaborative piece brings these together in one video that is both professional and engaging. Well done us!


One thought on “Priceless: How did we do it?

  1. Well said, Mary! I particularly appreciated the “accomodations” of the team. I think the final video is really something to be proud of. thank you.


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